Camp Harrison

Join us for a Women's Wellness Weekend! 

"We're gearing up for an active, healthy weekend at Camp Harrison's Women's Wellness Weekend! We live in Reynolds Plantation in Georgia and will drive about six hours to get to camp, but are very excited about the opportunity to participate in everything from kayaking, biking, yoga to horseback trail riding not to mention the healthy living seminars that will be offered. I asked a few friends if they wanted to go to camp and it has now snow-balled into a group of 25, and still growing.

Can't wait ‘til May 6th!"

- Connie

 "The weekend featured programs on emotional health, nutrition, opportunities to examine the purpose of life and peaceful reflection. Without exception everyone participated in the activities, enjoyed the interaction with women of all ages and generally challenged their physical and learning abilities. The facility, quality of food and staff was outstanding. I plan to return and would love for some of you to join me. Bottom line – this total change of weekend experience was very restorative."

- Elizabeth, March 25-27 participant