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Horseback Riding Add-On Experience



Campers will experience recreational trail riding as well as structured instructional riding. Campers will learn the basics of how to steer, stop, turn, trot, canter, and more!           

Our daily structure allows campers to experience more of traditional resident camp along with their horseback riding selection. This means on top of experiencing life on a farm your camper will also get to experience awesome mountain adventures of their choice like the new state of the art climbing wall, mountain boarding, mountain biking and more!
Obstacle course
Located in one the lower pastures of the Dude Ranch, the obstacle course is a great area for campers to test out their new skills with the horses. Both on horseback and while leading, campers will ask their horses to go through, around, and on top of obstacles that counselors set out for them. This will increase campers confidence with their horse and allow them to perfect their skills.

For session dates, pricing and availability click here.  *Please contact the office for availability for Summer 2016*

Summer 2016: $110/child*

This Add-On experience will take part on either your camper's "A" or "B" day opposite of their three land activities. To learn more about Camp Harrisons scheduling of activities click here.

*This fee is in addition to the base traditional camping fee.