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Working at Camp

By becoming part of our Camp Harrison team, you become a part of our camp family.  Each new staff member brings with them unique gifts, including strong moral character, a calling to serve, and the ability to create amazing experiences for our campers.  Each staff person contributes to our sense of community, safety and fun for all who join us.  A summer at Camp Harrison brings out your best as a leader and a role model while balancing your love of children, fun and adventure with your personal skills of responsibility, compassion and caring.

If you are interested in working at Camp Harrison, please apply here>>

**The current job posting is listed as “Resident Camp Counselor” - apply using this position. If you are interested in a leadership position, please contact for instructions.”

Positions Available:

Junior Counselor - Junior Counselors assist the Senior Counselor in all cabin responsibilities - morning and evening, ensuring a safe and fun environment for all campers placed in their care. They also serve as an activity counselor during land and water activities. Must be a rising Senior in High School or a Rising Freshmen in College.

Senior Counselor - Senior Counselors are responsible for helping direct the campers in their cabin living - morning and evening. They will be in charge of nightly cabin devotions, cleanliness and overall wellbeing of each camper. They will also serve as the main contact to parents on opening and closing days. The Senior Counselor will serve as an activity counselor during land and water activities during the day. Must be 18 years old or older and completed at least 1 year of college.

Cabin Chief - A cabin chief will be hired for each cabin to ensure positive and effective communication with parents, leadership staff, peers and campers. This person is not a supervisor of their co-counselors but does take on the added responsibility of phone calls home to first time campers, ensuring check-in/out cards are complete and making sure that the cabin environment is positive, safe and fun. Qualified applicants must have at least one year of Senior Counselor experience and proven ability to demonstrate customer service; communicating in a caring and professional manner.

Worship Leader - The Worship Leader is responsible for working with the Chaplain to organize worship time during each evening Vesper and Sunday morning chapel. Responsible for facilitating a time of reflection, prayer and focus that incorporates everyone through music and creative arts. This position is in addition to responsibilities as a Junior and/or Senior Counselor.
Activity Chief - The Activity Chief is responsible for supervising Activity Staff and maintaining a safe environment in their assigned activity area. They are also responsible to assist in training and evaluation of staff. Additionally, The Activity Chief assists the Program Director with facilitation of the overall program. This position is in addition to responsibilities as a Senior Counselor. Must be a rising Soph. in College and have at least on year of camp experience. (Please Note: certain high-risk activity areas require completion of certifications as required by the ACA). Several positions available, inquire by contacting

Health Center Assistant (non-cabin) - Under the direction of the Camp Nurse, the Health Center Assistant will assist in providing health care and first aid services to meet the needs of campers and staff. Must have experience in first aid emergency management services. Current First Aid, CPR, O2 certifications required, certified Nurse Assistant preferred. This position is a non-cabin position with administrative duties related to health center and other duties as assigned.

CIT Leader (non-cabin) - The CIT Leader is directly responsible for campers participating in the Counselor in Training program. This position is responsible for program planning, participant supervision, evaluation, staff communication and safety of participants. 21 years of age preferred, must have at least two years of camp experience and a desire to develop young adults into future camp counselors. (Specific certifications required as outlined by the ACA) This is a non-cabin position, with the exception of 2 weeks.

AV Chief (non-cabin) - Shoot video throughout each week highlighting the session. Edit raw footage down into a 10-15 minute video that will be shown to campers and uploaded to the camp website. Support programs with pre-summer video production and editing additional videos as needed. Work with Camp MOMS on daily photos and upload to web daily. Organize photos into files and save for camp marketing purposes. Must be 18 years or older.

Program Assistant (non-cabin) - The Program Assistant (PA) will work under the direction of the Program Director to ensure quality camp experiences through the scheduling, organization and upkeep of all land, water, evening programs and rainy day activities. The PA will also assist in the supervision and evaluation of staff in program areas. 21 years of age preferred, must have at least two years of camp experience as well as a knowledge ad/or willingness to learn about all program activities offered at camp. (Specific certifications required as outlined by the ACA).

Program Crew (non-cabin) - The Program Crew will serve as the “behind the scenes” team. Under the guidance of the Program Assistant the program crew will assist in all program activity related logistics and upkeep. Helping to maintain equipment and program areas, lead activities when needed, plan and host evening programs and rainy day activities. Other duties as assigned.
Boys/Girls Camp Director(s) (non-cabin) - Assists the Directors in all aspects of camp operation, supervising & guiding of all cabin staff. Hold staff accountable to standards of their contract, assist them in cabins when needed, ensure cabin cards/staff notes to campers and parents are complete, and act as secondary outlet for disciplinary action with campers.  Must be at least 21 years of age; have at least two years of camp experience, proven success working with children. Supervisory experience preferred.

Boys/Girls Head Counselor(s) (non-cabin) - Assists in all aspects of camp operation and is directly responsible for the logistics, well-being and communication with and about campers. Support cabin staff with camper related issues, ensure campers are equipped for a successful week at camp, ensure camper “one on one sheets”, postcards home and phone calls for first time camper parents are complete. Keep cabin boxes supplied, Have a strong presence in cabin life, participating in activities and devotions. Must be at least 21 years old, have at least 2 years of camp experience and proven positive experiences working with children.

Camp Chaplain (non-cabin) - The Camp Chaplain is the Spiritual Life coordinator for camp. This person must set a Christ-like example to all campers and staff. Must have a desire to build relationships and be willing to jump in to camp activities when needed. The Chaplain is responsible for organizing, speaking, and leading nightly Vesper service as well as Sunday morning chapel. The chaplain provides guidance and resources for cabin devotions and will assist with the facilitation of the Ragger program. 21 years old or older, desire to share Christ with campers and staff, an applicant pursuing seminary preferred but not required.